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BioPharma EHS Forum

Contact:  Elizabeth Treanor:  Etreanor@phylmar.com

In December 2004, the BioPharma EHS Forum had its inaugural meeting at Genentech in South San Francisco.  Debora Van der Sluis, Senior Manager, Research & Development, EHS, Genentech, had a vision to provide an opportunity for EHS professionals in BioPharma to exchange ideas, share best practices, network, and benchmark with other companies.  This group differs from other groups because it is national, rather than Bay Area, and could include international members; it is not limited to Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) members, and is envisioned to also include contract manufacturers; finally, the focus is on BioPharma, vs. “biotech.”  Participating companies include AbbVie, Allergan, Biogen Idec, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, Genzyme, Gilead Sciences, ImmunoGen, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Life Technologies), Takeda Pharmaceuticals, EMD Millipore, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Nektar Therapeutics, Shire Pharmaceuticals, and Solstice Neurosciences.  There is no expectation or requirement that members of the Forum have any consulting relationship with Phylmar other than participation in the Forum.  Materials are found on the members-only website.

The group held annual meetings in 2005 (hosted by Genentech), 2006 (hosted by Amgen), 2007 (hosted by Gilead), 2008 (hosted by Genencor), and bi-coastal videocasts in 2009 (hosted by Genzyme and Genentech), 2010 (hosted by Life Technologies and AstraZeneca), 2011 (hosted by Biogen Idec and Genentech), 2012 (hosted by Pfizer in both locations); 2013 (hosted by Shire in both locations); and 2014 (hosted by Takeda and Genentech).  The membership decided that the 2015 meeting would take place on the East Coast.  Topics discussed meetings addressed issues of particular interest to BioPharma (e.g., monoclonal antibodies, potent compounds), as well as broader topics such as Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, contractor safety, training effectiveness, management of change, and pandemic preparedness.  Laboratory safety, nanotechnology, chemical banding systems, supervisor training, and other research-oriented topics were also addressed.  Each meeting has included ample time for roundtable discussions during which companies raise issues, take informal polls, benchmark, and discuss EHS initiatives underway or planned.

In addition, throughout the year, BioPharma EHS Forum members have the opportunity to poll other members to conduct informal benchmarking.  A password-protected website contains an archive of all meeting highlights, presentations (that were available electronically), topics of polls, member company contact information, job openings, and other information.  For an understanding of the value of the group to participating companies, please contact a member of the Membership Committee:  Tim Sullivan, Director, EHS, Takeda tim.sullivan@takeda.com.

Three conference calls are held per year on topics of interest (e.g., Green Chemistry Journey, AIHA Position Statement to Support Safe Use of Chemicals; How Companies Handle Respirators and Contractors and Inspectors; Update on Federal OSHA Enforcement, Kimberly-Clark Nitrile Glove & Disposable Garment Recycling Program, etc.), Federal OSHA standards Development..  The cost for participation in the BioPharma EHS Forum is $1800.00 per year and includes up to 10 individuals on the email distribution list, up to three people attending the annual in-person meeting, and unlimited people participating on the infrequent conference calls.  Membership also includes participation in benchmarking polls and access to the members-only website, as well as two hours of consulting time

Based on company requests, a public access website was also developed.  The public access website can be found at:  www.biopharmaehsforum.com

Phylmar Sacramento Office:  P. O. Box 660912, Sacramento, California 95866

+1.916.486.4415; www.phylmar.com

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